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  1. It was 1980, I was a rookie DJ at our college radio station, WITR, at Rochester Institute of Technology. We were playing cuts from Doug and the Slugs new album Cognac and Bologna quite a bit! (Probably more me than any of the other DJs) – and then our general manager tells me that the band will be in town doing a show at “Red Creek” and I’ll be interviewing them live on air. I had never done an interview before! So yes, I was a bit star struck – Doug and another band member (the tall guy?) came in and I pretty much made a fool of myself asking stupid questions. But that memory will live with me always – and I had a blast that night at the show. Sadly I never got to see Doug and the Slugs again…

  2. Hi guys.
    Most of your fans will remember Doug as a wonderful songwriter/frontman, but some may not know he was a very creative artist that enjoyed drawing cartoons and characters.
    Also a great cook! He enjoyed hosting dinners, and had a knack for inviting a very interesting and diverse group of friends.
    Safe travels boys!

  3. Hey I think you guys played here many years ago. I book the bands for The Heriot Bay Inn on Quadra Island. I see you guys are doing some touring this year. Any chance you all might want to come back and do a halloween gig this year?

  4. Dear the slugs,
    We heard you on the radio en route to Canada this summer, and are dying to see a live show in the US (New York area) as soon as possible!
    Jeff and Julie
    New Jersey

  5. Guys,
    I became aware of the group when I was in high school. Our radio station (out of Duluth MN) played Real Enough pretty aggressively for awhile back in the 80’s.

    Quick Question – was there a “radio version”? My memories of hearing the song back then had more “doo wop” during the vocal breaks (especially with the bass voice)

    Sorry we lost Doug – glad you guys are keeping the music going

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