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  • ‘Tomcat Prowl’ Music Video by Hans Sipma
    In 1988 Doug asked if I would shoot the video for the single for the Slugs’ next album, “Tomcat Prowl”, which he would direct. The video was shot guerilla-style over a three-day period. The idea was to show Doug working […]
  • ‘Love Shines’ Video by Hans Sipma
    The Story Behind ‘Love Shines’  By Hans Sipma In 1984 Doug Bennett asked if I would be interested in shooting a video for the Slugs to promote the song “Love Shines” from their soon-to-be-released “Popaganda” album. He had just seen […]
  • Hans Sipma: Professional Photographer & Videographer
    Hans first photographed Doug and the Slugs in 1979 and went on to shoot most of the group’s promo material, album covers, and several rock videos that Doug directed!!!. (Videos: Love Shines, Tom Cat Prowl, and Terminal City as well […]