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Here's a transcribed interview from William Forrester of Entertainment Review Radio Show Lead singer of Doug and the Slugs Ted Okos. We shared this back in February- so in case you missed it, here it is again!

"John Jeff Brandyberry of Diminished Pitch Entertainment is pleased to announce the release of the following text interview on The Entertainment Review Radio Show Page, These text interviews are done by the former host of the program Willy The Beast Forrest and his Special Guest for this interview is with Mr Ted Okos (Audio Cartoon, Nick Danger, and now the lead singer of Canada's Recording Artist Doug and The Slugs.

1) Well Ted I would like to know about one of your bands first off that I did not see Audio Cartoon because when I saw you in Nick I found you to be a very funny type of front man that would get an audience going in many different ways. So tell the readers about Audio Cartoon and did the members remind you of Cartoons that had great audio?

Answer (1) I thought of the name "Audio Cartoon" years before while trying to describe the music of Frank Zappa to a friend. As I was I talking I thought to myself, What a great name for a band! That was 1979. The original members of Audio Cartoon were: Myself, Steve Crane on guitar/vocals, Tim Hewitt on bass/vocals and John Stoltz on drums.

That line up changed fairly quickly to Brian Poulsen on guitar/vocals, Rich Oler on drums and Gino Rutigliano on bass/vocals. The only cartoon in the band was me, I could have been a cartoon but missed it by one dimension!
Imagine the advantages of being two dimensional, if you lost the keys to your house...no problem just slip under the door.

2) Ted there were quite a few people that played in your next band but I only got to see you perform once when guitarist Brian Paulson was in your band. It was at a club called Lucifers in Calgary and the one thing that stands out in my mind from that night was the band doing Sweet Transvestite from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Please describe what you would wear doing that song and how it would be received by the Audience.

Answer (2) I started out the Rocky Horror set in a three piece suit, while singing and dancing to the Time Warp. After a brief instrumental during which I would slowly strip off the suit to reveal the tranny outfit which consisted of a lack wig, heavy make up, red feather boa, red and black lace teddy, leopard skin panties, black fish net sockingings and endind with knee high black leather boots. most of the venues we played people took it for what it was, a tongue in cheek humorous take on the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I wasn't trying to be sexy. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not sexy in the least. Mostly laughs and fun was the reactions that I saw. Total of all the players that went through Nick Danger was 65 over a 12 year span. I started the band in Penticton BC in 1979

3) Ted The Rocky Horror Picture Show was discussed with another recent interview that I had with Actor James Christian Morris who played a roll in The Rocky Horror Picture Show in a theater performance I asked James the following question and I will supply his answer

Question. How important is the sound track of music to The Rocky Horror Picture Show in your opinion?

James Answer "The music for the Rocky Horror Picture Show is paramount; it drives the story, it intertwines the characters intentions with their passions, it’s iconic because of how it connects us to our inhibitions and desire while making light of the potential darkness surrounding our fears."

Using his answer I would like to ask you when you played Sweet Transvestite and Time Warp in Nick Danger did you find that the music intertwined with your audience and did you have the same desires performing it as to your inhibitions and desire while making light of the potential darkness surrounding our fears. And describe what it was like for you as a vocalist to perform those songs live in a Night Club while being dressed as a character of that movie.

Answer (3) I have no opinion on the intertwining etc. because we played bars, most people were drunk and having fun dancing to the tunes. I always loved singing the songs, both original singers are outstanding and I tried to emulate them as close as I could. If we were doing the show in different venues, such as theatres then it would have been a more emotional feel as the people watching would have been devoted Rocky Horror fans.

4) Ted you spent a good part of the 80s in cover club acts could you give the reading audience an idea of the club in Western Canada playing in a Cover Act.

Answer(4) I tried to be different then the average cover band. Most were doing the current top 40 hits that the tunes that I could do a show to, such as Aqualung, Secret Agent Man, Rocky Horror etc. and tunes that I knew I could sing the shit out of like Emerson,Lake & Palmer, Genesis, Peter Gabriel and Genesis. BC bars were more pop rock, Alberta, Sask & Manitoba were heavy, so you had to be versatile to work constantly.

5) What were some of your musical influences from the aspect of being a vocalist and a frontman.

Answer (5) My biggest influences were, Queen, Peter Gabriel, The Beatles, Yes, Genesis, ELP, Todd Rundgren, The Tubes and of course Dean Martin + Barbra Streisand

6) Back in 1981 while I was working in the club scene with Kick Axe, Kick Axe played a Club called Gators in Richmond BC that would quite often get the club bands to back up recording acts and one of the nights Kick Axe played at that club the headliner was Doug and The Slugs. It was the first time I ever got to see the original
singer of Doug and The Slugs RIP Doug Bennett (October 31, 1951 – October 16, 2004) and his performance. Did you ever get a chance to see the original singer of Doug and The Slugs play? And if yes what did you think of his performance as a front man and do you try to model your presentation around his style while you are playing with Doug And The Slugs?

Answer (6) I never saw Doug perform until I backed him up in Terrace BC in the mid to late 90's. I thought he was great! Very funny and always tried to make the audience a part of the show. I have heard plenty of stories since I've joined the Slugs, mainly from past crew members and players. He was one of a kind. I was told from the start that the band did not want a Doug Bennett clone as far as performance but in vocals only. My tribute to him is that
I wear a tuxedo or suit for every gig in honor of him.

7) Since I do not even know the answer to this question I would actually like to ask it as part of this interview how did you get the offer to join Doug and the Slugs and when did you actually join the band?

Answer(7) In early spring of 2009 I received a phone call out of the blue from one of my past agents from Vancouver. He informed me that the original Doug and the Slugs band had reformed and were auditioning singers and would I be interested. Apparently three vocalists austioned and as the bass player later informed me...I was the least shitty. Our first gig was June of 2009 at the Cascades Casino in Langley. It was a blast and I will never forget it.

8) What are some of your favorite songs out of the Doug and the Slugs library to perform live and give some details as to the reason why for the reading audience.

Answer(8) Some of my favorites are Day by Day because people love it and Doug wrote the tune after his father past away and it is very inspiring to many. I love singing Making it Work, great lyrics about being a loser at love and also the first song about male enhancement drugs! Advice to a Friend is a fantastic song, not a big hit but the lyrics are deep and ring true. Last but not least is Real Enough, once again great lyrics and I've always been a
sucker for SKA man.

9) I saw a video promoted on Doug and The Slugs Facebook Page of The Cannafest with you performing. Would like to know your thoughts about your audience at that show and your thoughts of yours and the bands performance at that show

Answer(9) It was blazing hot that afternoon. Apparently there were a lot of skeptics at that show that didn't believe that I could do the job. After a few tunes, it seems they changed their minds as they cheered and sang along without me having to ask them! I thought the band played great, considering we do an average of six shows a year! The Cannafest organizers are fantastic and we hope to get back there someday soon.

10) I want to ask you one more question here Ted, I know you have played with some great people in the past but would you introduce the other members of the current Doug and the Slugs lineup and what is upcoming for the band in the future.

Answer(10) The current line up is the original Slugs line up that recorded all of those great songs with Doug, and
include: Richard Baker on Guitar, Steve Bosley on bass/vocals, John Burton on guitar/vocals, Simon Kendall on keyboards/vocals and Wally Watson on drums/vocals.

No gigantic plans in the future just trying to introduce a new generation to this timeless music.

11) Well Ted Okos It was a great MAKING IT WORK and preparing questions for this text interview, I want to thank you for doing this special interview with me and you can make any comment that you would like for the reading audience

Answer(11) My final thought is, don't dismiss Doug and the Slugs because Doug Bennett is no longer with us. It took ix musicians to create this music, not just one. We are trying to carry on his legacy and make the music last forever!"
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