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    4 days ago

    Doug and the Slugs
    "To support the giant sandwich, I drilled a hole in the cutting board and stuck in a metal spike. This allowed us to layer the bread and bologna to a great height without it falling over. The sandwich was dressed with vast quantities of ketchup and mustard." – Hans Sipmadougandtheslugs.ca/cogniac-bolognia-album-cover/ See MoreSee Less
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    6 days ago

    Doug and the Slugs
    HERE WE GO!We are working on a single link page to simplify access, in the meantime here’s a Spotify link: open.spotify.com/artist/27IiBnsezRebPDud7D8l6ZStay tuned for updates, and thanks for listening!Doug and the Slugs See MoreSee Less
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    7 days ago

    Doug and the Slugs
    Here are Doug and the Slugs‘s members Ted Okos, Wally Watson, Simon Kendall & John Burton’s responses to these questions. Now, we want to hear from you! (see below)Ted Okos"My first concert was "The Stampeders 1975 in Penticton BC…. I was around 16. Most memorable concert was "The Tubes, Peter Gabriel “The and David Bowie” 1983 Edmonton”Wally Watson"Coulda been Fleetwood Mac Jan 18th, 1969 and 10 years after at the garden auditorium or The Yardbirds (July 31st 1967) at the Kerrisdale arena or The Tubes at the same time."Simon Kendall"OK – one of my first (non-classical) concerts was Bob Dylan at the PNE Agrodome in March 1966. I’m pretty sure several other Slugs were there as well…I remember Bob played the first set solo acoustic, then brought on his band for the second set. This was early in his electric days – audiences across Europe and North America would go to his concerts and boo loudly and continuously during the electric portion of the show – some folkies were upset that Dylan had sold out & betrayed them. Mercifully the Vancouver audience didn’t boo when Bob brought on the band.I’m sure the sound was dreadful but it was all new to me and I loved it. I still don’t know who was in his band at that gig – was it Mike Bloomfield or Robbie Robertson on lead guitar?? I expect bigger Bob-heads than me know these details, but a quick Google search just now wasn’t helpful.About a year later I saw Country Joe & the Fish at UBC – they blew me away! It was my first psychedelic band, they were playing in a small hall in the afternoon and I was gobsmacked. I know I was young & impressionable, but when their first EP ‘Electric Music for the Mind & Body’ was released shortly afterwards I went to a friend’s place to hear the magic on vinyl. I was totally disappointed in the recording – so I’ll never know if I’d witnessed a rare moment of brilliance or if they were one of those bands who were just much better live.Almost 37 years later on October 16, 2004 I was lucky enough to see Tom Waits at the Commodore Ballroom. It was the night Doug Bennett died – I had just returned from the hospital in Calgary where Doug had been in a coma. A tough night, but a wonderful concert and somehow fitting: Doug greatly admired Tom Waits, and he once snuck away to see Tom perform when we had a night off in Montreal."John Burton"Yes, indeed that was Robbie Robertson with the Band minus Levon Helm at the Agrodome, Bloomfield only played one show with Bob at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival. I was also completely blown away by Country Joe and the Fish at the Brock Hall afternoon concert, and also disappointed by their first Vanguard album, their EP was closer to what they sounded like live, although it was very poorly produced. Another concert I’m sure 4 Slugs and possibly Steve would have attended that was completely mind blowing was the Jimi Hendrix concert in September of 1968. Of course suffering through Vanilla Fudge for 2 hrs before Jimi came on was quite gruelling. I think Vanilla Fudge thought they were the headliners eating up the prime time leaving Jimi to only play for 55 minutes as he had to be done by 1am due to union regulations at the Coliseum, Jimi was in rare form though, but then again I was high on acid!"Simon"After writing this last night, I did the math and realized I was 13 when we went to see Dylan at the Agrodome. Needless to say I was very mature and felt at least 17 at the time…I was impressed by his bafflegab banter between songs, also laughing when he played the piano, which had a giant gold logo ‘Carl Strauss Piano’ embossed on the side – Bob announcing in his highly affected voice that in case we hadn’t noticed, ‘this is a Carl Strauss piano!’. I think he launched into ‘Ballad of a Thin Man’…and at the Jimi concert, although we wanted to, who could forget the other opening acts: Eire Apparent and Soft Machine who played before Vanilla Fudge. Ugh!" See MoreSee Less
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    Where are you from? How long have you been a fan? We’d love to hear any stories you remember from attending one of our shows.

    17 thoughts on “Let’s Connect!

    1. Guys,
      I became aware of the group when I was in high school. Our radio station (out of Duluth MN) played Real Enough pretty aggressively for awhile back in the 80’s.

      Quick Question – was there a “radio version”? My memories of hearing the song back then had more “doo wop” during the vocal breaks (especially with the bass voice)

      Sorry we lost Doug – glad you guys are keeping the music going

    2. Dear the slugs,
      We heard you on the radio en route to Canada this summer, and are dying to see a live show in the US (New York area) as soon as possible!
      Jeff and Julie
      New Jersey

    3. Hey I think you guys played here many years ago. I book the bands for The Heriot Bay Inn on Quadra Island. I see you guys are doing some touring this year. Any chance you all might want to come back and do a halloween gig this year?

      1. Have been a fan since the eighties! Went to see the band at the Commodore Ballroom In Vancouver a couple of months ago. The new singer was awesome, the place was packed and the band was incredible. Great night!

    4. Hi guys.
      Most of your fans will remember Doug as a wonderful songwriter/frontman, but some may not know he was a very creative artist that enjoyed drawing cartoons and characters.
      Also a great cook! He enjoyed hosting dinners, and had a knack for inviting a very interesting and diverse group of friends.
      Safe travels boys!

    5. It was 1980, I was a rookie DJ at our college radio station, WITR, at Rochester Institute of Technology. We were playing cuts from Doug and the Slugs new album Cognac and Bologna quite a bit! (Probably more me than any of the other DJs) – and then our general manager tells me that the band will be in town doing a show at “Red Creek” and I’ll be interviewing them live on air. I had never done an interview before! So yes, I was a bit star struck – Doug and another band member (the tall guy?) came in and I pretty much made a fool of myself asking stupid questions. But that memory will live with me always – and I had a blast that night at the show. Sadly I never got to see Doug and the Slugs again…

    6. Loved Doug & The Slugs in the 80’s, still love them now. Saw you play in Williams Lake to a much-too-small crowd, but you rocked us anyway. The music still sounds fresh today – Doug was fantastic.
      A fan always, Jeremy

    7. I was introduced to the music of Doug & The Slugs in 1986 by my 6th grade teacher (thanks so much, Mr McCann!). He came to school in a Popaganda t-shirt, and I asked about it. He brought in a cassette of Cognac And Bologna for me to borrow the next day, and I was hooked. I saw the band perform live 6 times over the years. The last time was at the Tabor Arms Pub here in Prince George in early 2003. The owner saw what a great time we were having and invited my date and I to stay behind after closing and meet Doug. We didn’t stay long, as Doug was obviously very tired, but it was a wonderful experience I’m so glad I got to have before he passed.

    8. Hey, Slugs!

      I love Doug and the Slugs!!!

      In the late ’70’s and early ’80s I worked in a remote mining town in the BC north. We lived in bunkhouses and there was precious little in the way of entertainment. That meant that my “Cognac and Bologna” and “Wrap It” cassettes were always in pretty heavy rotation on my ghetto blaster.

      Eventually I rejoined ‘civilization in the mid ’80’s and found myself in Ottawa. Doug and the Boys came to town to play at the old Barrymore’s on Bank Street and I was thrilled to be there for the gig. I can’t think of any other band that played a more exciting and entertaining show. Including Doug table top walking up the terraced room while singing and whipping the crowd to a crazed frenzy of fun.

      In the early ’90’s I was back in Vancouver, into theatre and working as a Stage Manager. Doug hired me to SM his production of the crazy bar room comedy, “Brew”. I saw another side of Doug in his role as producer. He was a consummate professional, a clever producer, a totally committed impresario and a true gentleman of the theatre.

      In the early 2000’s I also had the good fortune and pleasure to work with Simon Kendall on the musical “Red Rock Diner”. Again a great guy, amazing musician and man of the theatre par excellence.

      Needless to say my connection to D&TS is pretty significant and I am too happy for it.

      All the best.

      Barry Burns
      Sackville, NB.

    9. Enjoyed your show at the El Mocombo in ‘81 or ‘82. Remember you performed Day By Day twice.

      Good times!

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